Monday, April 25, 2016

stuff happens

have you ever been sitting around with some friends and wanted to just lightly slap them in the face with a large dildo...haha yeah me neither

cover blown

the moon is a hologram confirmed

its a sad day in funky town

its been a sad week one of my heroes "the artist formerly know as prince" has died i like to believe that he died from a sexy overload i mean really is it even posable for a body to hold that much pure refined sexiness
answer: no! one can not house that much sexy juice (god did i really just call it juice) and stay alive proof being our dear friend prince

lets pour one out for our homie R.I.P Prince
(all kidding aside his music was a pretty big part of my life so with all respect he will be missed) 

indie band names

sex banana
the night of broken ass
dick bonanza
cunt foolery

all names are golden

praise me

met a homeless dude a few weeks ago
gave him five bucks
im pretty much the new messiah

Sunday, April 24, 2016


ok so i was making a post was crafting up a new sick post and i just noticed a key feature to blogger 

they have given me too much power you have no idea how much i will use this. im assuming i can use this for whatever i mean it doesnt say i cant "blogger blogger why do my parents hate me" yeah im pretty much the edgiest guy i know

tryin out some edgy drinks

bleach...thats it, thats as edgy as i get yo