Monday, December 7, 2015

whats that update

it was a fucking milkshake

ass eater part 2

all hail the king of eating ass! he is a fucking regional national champ at ass eating. he goes to sign up and they’re all “um no you won last year!” fucking charles the first aka sir eater of ass!

spoiler he dies

i can feel the hate being crammed up my ass

charles (i eat ass) the first

this guys face just shouts "look at me i eat ass for a living!?

Friday, December 4, 2015

the 20's yo

ok so I feel like I should use 20's slang all month because why not

Clint "Jab" Bolton

ok this started as a joke but now im balls deep in this shit. im talking soup can back back type shit. and that face THAT FUCKING FACE! as he looks deep into my soul i can feel my brain cells dying. i dont want to get into that shit eating grin but i have to now that mouth has seen so many juicy assholes hell im sure its stuck like that now just giving everyone who makes the mistake to talk to him this shitty shit eating smirk. ok i need to stop now well stop and move on to clint as jab.
100% proof that is a soup can

oh my god i was hoping this wouldnt be as bad as human him but i was wrong oh so wrong. he needs to be bumped the fuck off and i would gladly be the fall guy. i would curb stomp his ass then go turn myself in so i dont have to even think of him dying because i would be getting nailed so hard in the ass i wouldnt be able to think of anything else. i dont even know how to kill this fucker do i use salt or a tank of gas like a god damn cartoon lunatic. whatever im done if you want more then check this shit thats coming tomorrow new sharks more crying 


who ever made this is a god(or goddess) like for real its like my eye yes just my eye my third eye in fact yeah thats right i have some spooky juju third eye anyways the spooky third eye saw the bloody birth / love child or some shit of a two horned unicorn. a bicorn if you will and the sexy ass of some unnamed rainbow god. just look at those fine asses im about to get poetic up in here. roses are red violets are blue dat ass so fine i wanna split it in two.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

i cant sleep

why cant i sleep? i'll tell you why because global fucking warming!

my ass love (3)

look at this asshole who the hell does he think he is! i never told you to do anything yo. its your job because hm lets see you are the god damn student body president!

my ass love (2)

see what i mean busty as hell (not really). ok not really but you understand and if you dont to bad the train that is my brain is leaving the fucking station. 

ok so first um no bitch this is my money i worked my ass off signing up for this hell hole that calls its self a game. and dont get me started about my tear drop tat i got going on i straight up killed a hoe.

good i hope i get to suck some dick soon thats all i hope for from this game. just a huge box full of hot man dong waiting to be jumped into like a ball pit at your local md's. wait does McDonalds even have ball pits anymore or were they shut down for to many pink eyes from the old guy jacking off in the pit of ball cum.

my ass love (1)

so my friend was all hey play this french dating game and me being the cool guy that i am said sure why the hell not. so i went to the website this shit is called my candy love and i expected to be banging some hot candy ass like let me inside the sweet tart rectum. so now im playing this shit oh also you have to be a girl but hey who said dreams never come true. really who said that because im about to fuck their shit up. anywho, wait did i really just say that oh god kill me now but as i was saying im playing and first thing you see is some hot ass demon chick telling you about the game

rhyme time thursday

my friend bought a thing of soda i have named them all yoda

john fucking (ripster) bolton

look at this silly fucker! what the hell is his deal i mean obviously his brother
doesnt know how did he even become a buff ass-shark yes he is an ass-shark with all the blood-curdling look of a shark and the fun an ass. as im typing this with my sausage pokers my friend was all "is that spider man"no its not fucking spider man its street sharks you uncultured swine! anyways im getting off topic so how the hell was he made i will tell you how his stupid shark wife kink shamed him and he had to be a little bitch about it he just had to want to get all buff and shove a needle full of steroids straight in dick hole no lube. just look at this nerd what is that a sandwich holder whatever im done with ripster another sharkman will get his asshole ripped in half by my dick of comedy