Friday, December 4, 2015

Clint "Jab" Bolton

ok this started as a joke but now im balls deep in this shit. im talking soup can back back type shit. and that face THAT FUCKING FACE! as he looks deep into my soul i can feel my brain cells dying. i dont want to get into that shit eating grin but i have to now that mouth has seen so many juicy assholes hell im sure its stuck like that now just giving everyone who makes the mistake to talk to him this shitty shit eating smirk. ok i need to stop now well stop and move on to clint as jab.
100% proof that is a soup can

oh my god i was hoping this wouldnt be as bad as human him but i was wrong oh so wrong. he needs to be bumped the fuck off and i would gladly be the fall guy. i would curb stomp his ass then go turn myself in so i dont have to even think of him dying because i would be getting nailed so hard in the ass i wouldnt be able to think of anything else. i dont even know how to kill this fucker do i use salt or a tank of gas like a god damn cartoon lunatic. whatever im done if you want more then check this shit thats coming tomorrow new sharks more crying 

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